Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are the heart and soul of the Bountiful Basement. Without them, not one bag of food would reach the families that need it. The loving, fun and energetic people that give of their own time express the love we have for the families that seek help with food.

Bagger, Bag Maker, Bread Supervisor, Stocker, Cleanup, Traffic Director, Carrier, Runner, Order-taker and Registrar. These are the roles available for our volunteers.

Job Descriptions

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdsay
Food Operations

Indoors. Baggers pull food from the shelves and pack the bags that will go to our clients.
Bag Maker
Indoors. Each client recieves seven to 12 bags of grocery. Each one of those bags needs to be preassembled before hand.
Bread Supervisor
Indoors. We receive bread and pastries from local supermarkets every day we are open. The bread person distributes this bread to each family.
Mostly Indoors. During the distribution, the stocker will replenish the baggers' shelves. This makes sure that there are no delays in getting out the food. After the session, the stockers fully restock the shelves to prepare for the next session.
Mostly Indoors. The cleanup person works throughout the session trying to keep up on tearing down cardboard boxes and help the stocker keep up with demand.
Traffic Director
Outdoors. The traffic director manages the lineup of cars and passess out numbers to each household.
Outdoors. Carriers are responsible for delivering bags to the next car in line and when done retrieving the number for the car. Requires lifting of up to 25 pounds.
Outdoors. Runners connect the order takers with the registrar carrying the order slips from outside to the computer inside.
Order Taker
Outdoors. Order takers are responsible for completing an order slip for each household. This includes checking IDs, confirming eligibility and allowing the client to customize their order.
Indoors. The registrar enters the client's information into the computer.

Monday Delivery

Outdoors. Unloaders unload the pallets of food. Requires lifting of up to 50 pounds.
Indoors. Stockers put away the cases of food. Requires lifting of up to 35 pounds.

Please dress appropriately for either indoor or outdoor activity.

Bountiful Basement

4370 W. 140th Street

Cleveland, OH 44135

(216) 671-3870

Food Operations

Tuesday: 9:30-12:00

Wednesday: 5:00-6:45

Thursday: Closed